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Jun 25, 2010

Top 20 of the Last 20

In the last post I was talking about this idea I had of doing a run of blog entries titled The Top 20 Long Island Albums of the Last 20 Years. I thought I would explain more before I began posting my first entry:

Firstly, this list is my list. It's my view of the best 20 albums to come out of Long Island in the last 20 years. My opinion. If the album is not on the list, it's not because it's not good, I just couldn't get it into the Top 20. Top 20 isn't many albums. Think about this, I have a Blood Red lyrics tattoo. Blood Red - Hostage, their only full length, will not be on this list. You get what I'm saying? This shit isn't easy. Name your top 20 movies of all time in order! It's hard as hell. So if the album isn't there, the album isn't there. I may still like it. I may even love it. It just didn't make the Top 20.

Secondly, I can only do full lengths. If I added EPs to this it would be out of control. There's just no way I could sort it out. I need a level playing field. I can't put Neglect - End It, up against a full length. That EP is incredible, but it's just an EP and it can't compete. That's something that should be with other EPs. What's better, Neglect - End It, or Fahrenheit 451 - The Thought of It? Now that's how it should be. Maybe I'll do that at some point. Just can't do it now. So how do I classify a full length? Damn, I really have no idea. I'm going to go on feeling. Songs might be short, but if there's 10, then it's a full length. There could be 6 songs, but if they're 5 or 6 minutes each, then it's a full length. Might be another thing to talk about.

Finally, Neglect - End It - What an EP....WOW Thanks Brosincrime.blogspot

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