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Jun 24, 2010

Danzig - Circle of Gardener Snakes - Blue /700

I usually try and refrain from buying any imported vinyl unless I really...REALLY have to. Danzig - Circle of Snakes was a have to. It never got a real US pressing as far as I know. But a label in Sweden called Regain Records did a split with Evilive or Evilive is the distributor... or I have no idea what the hell deal was made, but either way. HEYO!

Interestingly enough, you'd think the vinyl would be a thin piece of garbage because it was made overseas, but it wasn't. I think Regain knew what they were doing on that part of the pressing.

The packaging however...not too killer. Flimsy cover, and this insert with some sort of photo with Glenn wearing gloves like the penguin in Batman Returns. Not sure I understand that.

Now I get it, I seriously do. Glenn owns that comic book company that is basically porn. Which hey, I'm cool with. I don't read it, but I'm cool with it. And Simon Bisley who did all the artwork for the Danzig Lyric Book and does a lot of his comics, had a naked girl in basically every drawing in the book...hey, I'm cool with it. Drawings are art, and while my art is drawing buildings, I can still see the beauty in a crazy axe wielding she-thor type figure with her tits hanging out. What are you going to do, it's Danzig. But why you got to put it on the back cover of the album haha!

Circle of Snakes is maybe almost my favorite Danzig album AFTER Danzig 4. 1-4, class of it's own. But Starting with BlackAcidEvil, and ending with Deth Red Sabaoth, I'm going to say it's either 7 or Circle of Snakes. It's tough....maybe 7 is better. So here's the order from top to bottom.

1. I Luciferi
2. Circle of Snakes
3. Deth Red Sabaoth
4. Satan's Child
5. You Guessed It BlackAcidEvil

Almost forgot, I got this in clear as well. It's out of 440. But it came in sealed and I really have no reason to open it. So off to the shelf it goes.

P.S. I'm going to be filtering in some posts from this idea I've wanted to do since the end of last year. It's going to be the Top 20 Long Island Albums of the Last 20 Years. So 20 posts spread out over the course of the next few months. Going to link them on the sidebar for future reference. Should be fun. Maybe get some people talking. Later

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