Nick Mango

Mar 12, 2010

Limited Pressing Update

I'm going to do something I normally try and avoid, I'm going to promote
Limited Pressing. I don't know, I try and make this blog a release for me.
Take a picture or a video and talk about a record. It helps me forget about
the bullshit I normally go through at work. It's hard to explain, but I
always viewed work as work, my blog as my personal release, and LP as
somewhere in the middle. Sure it's a business and it's work, but it involves
what I love. So it falls in the middle. Unfortunately work lately has
started to become worse than just work. It's become bleak, dreary, and just
plain tiresome. So now I feel like LP is on the personal release side. So
let's discuss LP for a post....

For a long time I've had this vision of a complete social/selling entity
that just housed collectors and lovers of punk, hardcore, indie, and metal.
This complete social/selling site was made a reality about a week ago when
we released Stores for sale. Stores that don't just sell products. For
instance the Label store is like a mini website. You can sell and manage an
unlimited amount of products, you have music players, a discography, a
contact form, separate pages for each of your bands, full integration with
the auction section, and News that can be followed by any user on LP. This
is more than any store on the internet offers. It's more than any store
could possibly offer considering we have an auction section. The price for this
store? $100 for a year. That's less than half the price of our direct
competitions best plan and we offer a million more features. Why did we do
this? Cause I know what it's like to try and start a small label. You make
no money and you work your ass off. Why should LP clear a billion percent
profit off the people we want to succeed? For us it makes no sense to do
that. I want to see labels put out more releases. I want these releases to
come out faster and better. To do this, labels need money. We also have a
Distro/Merch account for 75 a year, and a Band account for 25 a year. Both
of which have unlimited product selling and managing. Am I bragging? Fuck
yeah I'm bragging. And I think I have a right to. Even more so for my
brother Tom who built the site. I pump out the ideas, he yells at me a lot,
changes them a little, and goes to work. I owe him big time.
What's in store for LP's future? More innovative ideas for sure. I want
to tweak the way the Hoverboard works. I think it has the potential of being
something really fun. Right now though it's hard for people to understand
cause of how different it is. Passive bumping is something we're going to
try. Meaning a click through will bump it to the top. We also have some more
really cool store ideas. Maybe a way to customize the look of your store.
We also have a premium account in the works. This is going to answer a lot
of questions people have about certain unfinished ideas and sections.
Basically, we're not resting any time soon. In fact, now that we've released
stores, and people are starting to take notice, we'll have other sites
gunning for us. So we're going to need to step it up. I'm down with that.
Competition is great. It pushes businesses to give the customer the best
possible product at the cheapest possible rate.
If you're interested in checking one of these stores out, head over to our
Store Directory. Inside you'll find a list of stores, and also a link to the
store details page where you can read a full list of features.

Any questions get at me on LP

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