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Nov 27, 2009

Ebay's Little Nov. 21st Search Issue

If you haven't heard already Ebay had a little search issue on Nov 21st. Here's their Announcement. It's a very interesting problem for both the seller and the bidder. A seller can relist the item if they choose to, but it doesn't guarantee a higher sale price. Why? Because some of the people that bid on the item when it was originally up, may not realize the item is up again, and that they have another shot at it. Also what about the winner of the item? He won it, but the seller is telling him too bad, I'm relisting it cause of ebay. It's a lose lose situation for ebay. No matter what, they look bad for something that, yes is their fault, but is really just something that could happen to any site, including LP.

Here's an interesting test case for the November 21st search problem. Rancid - And Out Come the Wolves - Test Press. It went for 526.00, but the seller relisted it. I'm extremely anxious to see what happens here. The item is either going to go for more or less, that's obvious. But the less obvious result will be who'll win it? Will the seller be complaining to ebay if it goes for less? Or will the winner be complaining if he won the last one and is now paying more? Damn I love this stuff!

And here's a Link to the current Rancid auction

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  1. I remember seeing this listed. I didn't know about the eBay fuck up though.

    I found the second listing. It went for $585.86, so $59.86 more.. with 3 more bids than the first listing.. but I feel real bad for the original winner. He was outbid by $10!! and literally a SECOND before it ended!! by someone who didn't bid on the first as well.. ahh!!

    Here's the link..

    Someone did that shit to me a few weeks ago (well, all the time actually).. four germs lp's, but in near mint shape.. and only one prior owner. Outbid by $2.50, seconds before it ended.. with myself being the only person that bid on it the entire 7 days! I did manage to win 2 of the 4 since then.. but, you know.. not like those.

    Here is that as well haha.. not sure why, but he only put one picture up. he emailed me the rest though.