Nick Mango

Aug 19, 2009

The Trouble With Video...

Not really the trouble per-say, just sort of an issue. I wanted to post something tonight, but was already in my sweatpants, tshirt and priming myself for some twilight zone. So to post I gotta get out of my PJs and into some real cloths. Eh didn't feel like it tonight. So I thought I would post the first ever photo of my indecision/MPB collection WITH the 7"s. I put this together once before without the 7s cause truthfully, it's really just an LP collection. I never really pursued the 7"s. But now that I'm basically done with the 12s, I'm out for it all!


So what's funny about this is you don't see either picture disk. Yeah I don't collect picture disks. They annoy the hell out of me. But I do have the Indecision - Most Precious Blood test press, which was only pressed on a picture disk out of 1000 I think. So yeah I wouldn't turn down the test of a picture disk...that's just retarded.

The non 7"s I'm missing is the green and blue version of the Indecision/SH split on 10". Then Unorthodox on White out of 10 which I want more than anything, even more then the release the cure test. And then there might be some variant of the MPB-Nothing in Vain, although I'm not quite sure. Indecision/MPB have a lot of vinyl out. It's really the only band I love that has ever put out a lot of vinyl. I'm really happy for that. My bank account on the other hand....

Large Photo


  1. Completely off topic, what do you think of signed records? Would you take your records to a show to get them signed?

  2. You know it really depends on the situation. If I was looking to create some sort of a display on a wall or something, then yeah I might. But it would have to be something special that I was building.
    Something that's interesting to think about though. Since most people in the hardcore scene never ever do this, and bands don't stay together for very long, and even if they do the members are never the same, the rarity of an object signed by one of these bands is very great. So while it could seem a little 13 year old girl now, 10 or 15 years from now, it could be something super valuable to you as well as others.

    Thanks for that question. Maybe I'll talk about this in one of my podcasts. It's an interesting topic.