Nick Mango

Jul 29, 2009

This Week in Review - Reaching Hand, Strife, OS101, VOD

Here's one of the VOD 7"s. I haven't got a chance to listen to this stuff yet.



This is the Reaching Hand EP. Really like the photos and layout. Substance Records did a nice job. The other side of that insert is the lyrics, shout outs, and some more photos. They have a good old school hardcore feel to them. Check out their MySpace for some songs.


OS101 United Brotherhood of Scenesters Test Press. This is my second favorite OS101 album. Their first S/T ep was just ridiculous and crushes this full length. I do love this record, but that EP wow. If you don't have it, try and pick it up.


Also here's that piece of failed hardcore history. It's a shame cause I think this band had potential. The songs are good, and let's be honest, Tommy Corrigan with could this possibly go wrong? Thanks Sam!


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