Nick Mango

Feb 23, 2009

Tripface - This Foundation - Clear - Exit Records

Here's another record from that giant lot of 7"s I purchased from a long islander back in 97/98. Tripface was a great band who never got their due. I also have this in black. This I believe was the only 2 colors pressed. Unfortunately I will probably never know for sure because the list of Exit Records releases, that I've been trying to obtain for nearly 6 years, still alludes me. A lot of people collect Revelation, No Idea, Deathwish, Sub Pop, but I collect Exit/Wreck-Age. Why? Cause these are the bands I fell in love with when I started to listen to hardcore back in the early to mid 90s. I like a lot of vinyl, but nothing gets the juices flowing like a very rare Long Island record. I've been known to do some crazy things for a piece of vinyl from a band I grew up listening to. Recently one of my vinyl dreams came true when I purchased an Indecision - Unorthodox Test Press. Only 2 were made and I'm being told that Justin MPB, the owner of the other, can't find his and hasn't seen it for some time. But we're getting off topic I think. Tripface had their discography put out a few months back by an old LI label reborn from the ashes, MotherBox Records. This label was responsible for a few really good releases that are being repressed. I'm not a fan of repressing exact copies, so I hope that MBR is putting a twist on these records to make sure everyone knows they aren't the 1st press. I don't think the TF Discography will come out on vinyl unless they do some serious CD selling. And this is a very small label so I doubt it will happen. But one can pray...or if you're the owner of the only unorthodox test press....hope.
Still nothing on my little 7" contest. The hint was "You're one of us, You're one of us, we accept you!" I guess I'll just have to tell everyone now...damn. Sons of Abraham. A great band that features Todd and Justin from Glassjaw. Ok I will do a SOA post next time, and I guess something from MotherBox after that. Damn I was really hoping to give away a Warzone LESC 7" w/ the lion attacking a horse cover, but I guess not...pfff yeah right. See Ya!