Nick Mango

Mar 8, 2009

Overthrow - Empowerment Cover-Up

Overthrow was a Long Island hardcore band from 96-01. I would consider them a political band. They put together a lot of really cool show memories for me. And for now, the only way for me to repay them for that is to wax poetic about their releases.
This 7" was their first and was released in 97. It's mainly a straight up mid/late 90s LI/NY hardcore record. Which I love. But truthfully, it doesn't hold a candle to their full length, React, that was released on Triple Crown. This album is on my Top 10 Best Albums Never Released on Vinyl list. And possibly in my top 5...but that's a decision for a later time. Their sound as a band tweaked just a little when they did this album and it just made them so damn good. As I said before they were straight up hardcore. But on this album they added a little bit of pop/punk, a little more of that infectious sing along style, a little more speed, and it was perfect. To this day I dream of what could have been with this band. Not sure if they or anyone really realizes how good they were in 99 on that full length. Triple Crown is kind of funny. I believe they have some real foresight into what will and/or could become great. I think a lot of us believed Anterrabae were to become great before Matt and Neal left. And I think they might have thought the same about Overthrow. But I guess it wasn't meant to be.

I hope everyone who reads this checks out their Myspace page. There's an incredible surprise on there for any of you who miss this band.

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