Nick Mango

Jun 22, 2009

Sons of Abraham Explained...I think

I think this could explain the weirdness with the Termites release by Exit that I alluded to the other week. Pat Immigrant Sun brought it to my attention, Marcus Endless Quest helped me with some assurance pictures. And I made this video theory to summarize.
I originally wanted to use Vimeo for this stuff but their upload times were out of control to say the least. So I guess I will just see if I like doing video, and If I do, I'll get a premium Vimeo account because they are better quality then youtube.

Marcus...This one was made on your birthday as well. Thanks for the help.

EDIT: Vimeo is working....
EDIT AGAIN: No it's isn't synced up. I think I'll just stick with youtube for a while.

1-26-12 Attention person who linked to this blog post. Contact me here and I can explain what's up with this record.


  1. I visited Sean, the other guy who did Immigrant Sun, over the long weekend and pulled out his Sons Of Abraham record. It's marbled and looks like a varient of the two records in the video. It was just sort of coincidence. He just moved into a new house and a box of lps was sitting on the floor and that's one of the first ones I saw. So I pulled it out to check the color.

  2. I have a copy of Termite that is of the marble variety as well.