Nick Mango

Jun 7, 2009

JbidWatcher...Has it Really Come to This?

ecently I've been forgetting about auctions. Nothing pisses me off more than forgetting a damn auction. Hey if I get outbid, then so be it. But to let the counter just tick off to nothingness while I get sucked into part 2 of the menagerie for like the 17th time, I just can't deal with that shit. So I've enlisted the help of JbidWatcher for mac. I'm just testing it out right now. I like the fact that I have control over it, meaning it's on my computer and not on the internet. When something goes wrong, I like to be responsible for it, not some person I can't see, talk to, or kill. One thing that I'm going to have to come to terms with though is the fact that since it's running on my computer, the computer needs to be on for it to work....sounds simple enough. Unfortunately I have a MacBook Pro, and a PC desktop. I could off course download the PC version *cringe*...yeah not gonna happen. So here's the deal: If I can fall in love with this thing, and for the sake of every ebay sellers soul you better hope I do, then I will invest in an iMac to replace my LCD/PC combo that I use to watch hulu. More specifically, Quantum Leap.

Really hope this works out cause I just missed an auction today, that has me so crazy off my rocker, I have no idea what I'll do if it happens again.

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