Nick Mango

Jul 16, 2012

In My Eyes Represses

Here's something I thought I'd see on Marcus's blog, way before mine. Maybe it was on there and I missed it. Not positive though. Well anyway, here's a repress of both The Difference Between and Nothing To Hide. They were sold exclusively through Interpunk a while back. This definitely surprised me, and if it wasn't for the Stuck in the Past Twitter account, I would have totally missed it.

Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it. So here are the 2 copies. The post office did a pretty good mangle job on the corners, but no big deal I guess.

I can't remember which versions of these albums I have. I'm pretty sure I have color of both originals, but I'm not quiet sure.

UPDATE: Marcus says they weren't sold exclusively through Interpunk. Could have sworn they were. Weird.


  1. I read the REV newsletter every saturday morning! So I also knew about this repress! Yeah, a mystery why mcs doesn't post about his Revelation collection. Mcs?

  2. Not exclusively through Interpunk. These were / are also available direct from Rev HQ.

    You're right, Nick. I haven't blogged about these yet. But that's because they were part of a BIG order from Rev which finally turned up on Friday last week. So hopefully this week they will make it to my blog.

  3. Yeah definately not exclusive to interpunk I got my The Difference Between repress from a UK distro. Glad someones written about them though as I havent got round to it either yet

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