Nick Mango

Sep 17, 2011

Yuppicide - Shinebox

This record has alluded me for so long. I had two opportunities to pick it up over the last few years, and failed each time. One time I just didn't bid enough. I think I might have bid 70 or so, and got crushed. Then the next time the record was in a pretty large lot on eBay Germany, and I was nervous cause I couldn't understand the auction enough to make an educated guess on the shipping. That was frustrating. But this time I used my secret weapon.

Look at these weirdos.

I should correct myself, the weapon is actually not a secret. It's the saved search alert feature on the eBay for iPhone app. Damn thing saved me a bunch of money. A less than savvy seller listed this record for a ridiculously cheap buy it now price, and 1 hour after it was up, the app alerted me to it. Then this happened.


1 comment:

  1. Finally! Nice one, Nick. Always feels good to snag a longtime want, even better to get it at a bargain price. Good work!