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May 16, 2011


A few weeks back I got the new Most Precious Blood album called Do Not Resuscitate in the mail. I ordered a couple of copies, one of which I gave to Tom. This was pressed by Morse Code Recordings which is Rachel MPBs and her boyfriend Derek's label. I think Derek's last name is Morse, and this is the reason for the label name, but don't quote me on that.

A lot of people were really clamoring for this release to come out. Every 6 months since 2005, a 30 reply thread would get posted on some board, wondering when the next album is coming out. Then after a couple years they teased everyone with a picture of a CDR that had the album name on it. They also made this picture the homepage to their website. I assume they did this to show everyone that they were still a band, and they had an album, but maybe there was another reason it couldn't come out. Maybe someone had the rights to the record, but didn't want to release it yet. You get the point. So once they finally announced they were going to release the album, I had this thought that this album probably wouldn't have that, "It's been 6 years since we released an album" feeling. Usually when a band tries to make a comeback after 6 years, their sound completely changes. But I figured that since this album was written pretty soon after Merciless, that the typical MPB sound would be there. And I was right about that, the album sounds great.

#ed on the sleeve 85/150. I think that's a good first pressing amount.

The sleeve on this record is not like a normal sleeve. It's like a thick gatefold poster almost. I almost wish there was something frame worthy on the inside.

Rachel also sent me a test press, which was extremely nice of her. You know I gotta keep this streak going.

That's a sewn up t-shirt used as a sleeve. It's sort of like Grant did on the Merciless album, only that was a silk screened bag of some sort.

All in all a real cool release. I'm glad the vinyl came out on Rachel and Derek's label and not some other label. If you want a copy of your very own, they still have a few green and black marble left in their store.

Morse Code Recordings

Also, this is Napoleon sleeping next to a Merauder record.

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