Nick Mango

Jan 31, 2011

Signs of Change

It's rare that I get real excited about a vinyl pick up these days. But this one definitely did it. Shutdown - Signs of Change test, off Lost and Found in Germany. Old school Shutdown. That's where it's at. My first non bulldog Shutdown test press. Pretty happy about that. Also something else that's cool about this one. It came with a sleeve and an insert. Weird.

The insert is pretty cool too cause it has the full Lost and Found catalog on one side.

So 4 Shutdown test presses. Still not as many...hmmm actually wait a second. I have 3 Indecision and 2 MPB, so technically Shutdown is the band I have the most TPs of. I still consider Indecision and MPB one of the same in a way, but I guess now that they have Rob singing, it really is a different band. And the 2 MPB tests I have are with Rob singing. So I guess that's it then. I have more Shutdown tests than any other band. Sweet.

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