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Jan 9, 2011

#16 - The Backup Plan - Dearest Whomever

The Backup Plan - Dearest Whomever

Released by New Day Rising in 2003

This is the first of 2 records off of New Day Rising that I will have on the list. The Backup Plan was a band from my hometown of smithtown, who went through some changes with their sound. At first they were a punk band, but over the years they changed to more of a hardcore band. This record is basically a hardcore album. The songs are fast and sort of punk, but with Jeff's style of vocals, the album becomes a lot like Shorter, Faster, Louder from Kid Dynamite and I think most people associate a genre with how the vocals are. Or at least I do. This album really made a name for TBP. But it wasn't long after this album that they called it quits. I'm not quite sure why, but I know I was pretty upset. One good thing is they did make a bunch of music and all the members went on to other great bands like This is Hell and Thieves and Assassins.

New Day Rising released this on 3 colors. White, Black, and I think Blue. I'm pretty sure I have the white and blue, and I also have the test press. I actually have all the New Day Rising tests. One of the funny things about NDR is they never wrote anything on the matrix of the record. I've never known another label to do that. Very strange.

I think it's safe to give you guys a download on this one. It's been out of print for a while, and NDR is no longer putting out records. It's a short download so if you've never heard this album I suggest you give a shot.

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