Nick Mango

Jun 27, 2010

#20 - Tripface - Some Part Sorrow

Tripface - Some Part Sorrow
Released on Exit Records in 1996

1996 was a cool year for me. 1995 was better, but hey, I'm not one to get all picky. Just give me the 90s. Tripface was a part of that. To understand how Tripface was created, you must first understand Long Island's geography, let me explain. LI is broken up into 3 sections. 1 is Brooklyn/Queens. Everyone in Brooklyn/Queens thinks they're part of the city...which they are. They're two of the Five Boroughs. But technically they're located on Long Island...many outside of NY don't realize this. 2. Nassua County. Almost 1.5 million people live in Nassua County and it's located just east of Brooklyn and Queens. Finally 3, Suffolk County. This is the eastern most part of LI. It also has close to 1.5 million people living in it. This is where the Hamptons, farms, and Vineyards are located. Lot of land on the east end. To put it in perspective, Suffolk has the same population as Nassua, but 5 times the amount of land. There's a different mentality in Suffolk. It sounds strange, but there is. It's more laid back. We're not talking california laid back, but laid back compared to Manhattan. As you go further west, there's more hustle and bustle. And unfortunately, the further west you go, the more elite some people feel. If you don't believe me go take a stroll through Williamsburg when you get a chance. Bands from Suffolk were almost part of their own little scene back then. Most of the time it wasn't on purpose, it's just the way the cliques were formed. But for the dedicated bands, like Tripface for instance, this separation allowed them to create their own style of LI hardcore. They didn't sound like (insert Lindenhurst/Baldwin band here), they sounded like themselves. I think this album is proof. I don't want to start giving descriptions of the every album I post cause I'm not a human freakin thesaurus like some of these insane album review people. Hey, I draw for a living, the album is sick. It's #20.
Some Part Sorrow is available on the Tripface discography still being sold by Motherbox Records in their Merchdirect Store I'd rather not cannibalize that release by posting a download link. You could probably find Some Part Sorrow on a million blogs anyway. I will however give you a link to download my favorite song of the album. Burden I will also give you a link to download their Demo which I posted on the board a few months back.

Something to note. Tripface's Some Part Sorrow edged out Halfman - As Everything Fell Apart for the 20th spot. Meaning Halfman will not be on this list.

Jun 26, 2010

Cap'n Jazz...I refuse to write the rest.

Maybe it's just me, but I thought Jade Tree was done for. I didn't think they were releasing anymore music. I mean this is really just re-releasing...but still, this is a real deal release in my book. It's the Cap'n Jazz Discography called...yeah not going to do it. Just not going to subject you to this ridiculous release title. Let's just go straight to the vinyl.

Jade Tree really made this thing look nice. I love the colors of the layout, I love the insert book, and the vinyl is clear /200 which is perfect. I'm a very simple man. I like one color, very limited vinyl. You don't have to give me all this ridiculous swirls and crazy patterns. I'm cool with just one color, and make it rare.

Inside layout looks great.

Now what's interesting here is this is the 2nd pressing. Jade Tree pressed it once, then VERY quickly, announced a second pressing out of /200. I'm not sure how rare the first pressing is, but I'm going to keep my eyes open for it.

P.S. I love vinyl discographies...

Jun 25, 2010

Top 20 of the Last 20

In the last post I was talking about this idea I had of doing a run of blog entries titled The Top 20 Long Island Albums of the Last 20 Years. I thought I would explain more before I began posting my first entry:

Firstly, this list is my list. It's my view of the best 20 albums to come out of Long Island in the last 20 years. My opinion. If the album is not on the list, it's not because it's not good, I just couldn't get it into the Top 20. Top 20 isn't many albums. Think about this, I have a Blood Red lyrics tattoo. Blood Red - Hostage, their only full length, will not be on this list. You get what I'm saying? This shit isn't easy. Name your top 20 movies of all time in order! It's hard as hell. So if the album isn't there, the album isn't there. I may still like it. I may even love it. It just didn't make the Top 20.

Secondly, I can only do full lengths. If I added EPs to this it would be out of control. There's just no way I could sort it out. I need a level playing field. I can't put Neglect - End It, up against a full length. That EP is incredible, but it's just an EP and it can't compete. That's something that should be with other EPs. What's better, Neglect - End It, or Fahrenheit 451 - The Thought of It? Now that's how it should be. Maybe I'll do that at some point. Just can't do it now. So how do I classify a full length? Damn, I really have no idea. I'm going to go on feeling. Songs might be short, but if there's 10, then it's a full length. There could be 6 songs, but if they're 5 or 6 minutes each, then it's a full length. Might be another thing to talk about.

Finally, Neglect - End It - What an EP....WOW Thanks Brosincrime.blogspot

Jun 24, 2010

Danzig - Circle of Gardener Snakes - Blue /700

I usually try and refrain from buying any imported vinyl unless I really...REALLY have to. Danzig - Circle of Snakes was a have to. It never got a real US pressing as far as I know. But a label in Sweden called Regain Records did a split with Evilive or Evilive is the distributor... or I have no idea what the hell deal was made, but either way. HEYO!

Interestingly enough, you'd think the vinyl would be a thin piece of garbage because it was made overseas, but it wasn't. I think Regain knew what they were doing on that part of the pressing.

The packaging however...not too killer. Flimsy cover, and this insert with some sort of photo with Glenn wearing gloves like the penguin in Batman Returns. Not sure I understand that.

Now I get it, I seriously do. Glenn owns that comic book company that is basically porn. Which hey, I'm cool with. I don't read it, but I'm cool with it. And Simon Bisley who did all the artwork for the Danzig Lyric Book and does a lot of his comics, had a naked girl in basically every drawing in the book...hey, I'm cool with it. Drawings are art, and while my art is drawing buildings, I can still see the beauty in a crazy axe wielding she-thor type figure with her tits hanging out. What are you going to do, it's Danzig. But why you got to put it on the back cover of the album haha!

Circle of Snakes is maybe almost my favorite Danzig album AFTER Danzig 4. 1-4, class of it's own. But Starting with BlackAcidEvil, and ending with Deth Red Sabaoth, I'm going to say it's either 7 or Circle of Snakes. It's tough....maybe 7 is better. So here's the order from top to bottom.

1. I Luciferi
2. Circle of Snakes
3. Deth Red Sabaoth
4. Satan's Child
5. You Guessed It BlackAcidEvil

Almost forgot, I got this in clear as well. It's out of 440. But it came in sealed and I really have no reason to open it. So off to the shelf it goes.

P.S. I'm going to be filtering in some posts from this idea I've wanted to do since the end of last year. It's going to be the Top 20 Long Island Albums of the Last 20 Years. So 20 posts spread out over the course of the next few months. Going to link them on the sidebar for future reference. Should be fun. Maybe get some people talking. Later

Jun 23, 2010

Secret Agent

Thought I'd post a quick update about this Long Island pick up I just made. Some kid was on the B9 forum selling everything he owned so I picked up a few old shirts and 3 of the same 7", Agent - Awake in their World. I've been looking to pick this up for the last month or so. I think it came out late last year, but I could be mistaken. This is a band to watch out for I think. I saw them play the Inside reunion a few months back, then I saw them play the Crime in Stereo show just recently. Sounded great both times. Now I knew they had a black and purple version of this 7". But I also heard they had a record release version cause they only had time to make test presses. Took a while to find someone willing to selling me one of these. Just happened that the guy willing to sell me a record release, also wanted to sell the other 2. Solid score, check it.

I'm pretty happy that I got a hold of all 3 versions. Something cool to note, when I got home I immediately threw it on to listen to it. I never really do that.

One other thing I'd like to point out about this post is the pictures. Today I got the iPhone 4 in the mail, and it comes with a 5 megapixel camera. Now the lens in this thing isn't spectacular. But it's pretty decent. It has a hard time focusing when taking a picture with multiple distances, like pic 1. But in the 2 close up photos I took, the phone did a nice job. Maybe I'll use it again.

Jun 17, 2010

The Found Tracks of Danzig

I've been debating for a month or so about buying the The Lost Tracks of Danzig on vinyl cause I thought it only came in black and while it was a double LP it was still selling for 30 or more new. So I figured I'd wait it out. These things had to come down at some point. But about a week ago I saw on ebay someone had it in blue and said it was out of 500. Never even knew it came out on blue. I pretty much had to win this's Danzig. Not a bad price either. I think shipped it was about 50. Considering black shipped was 30+, this seems like a steal. A steal minus 50 bucks.

I wonder if Glenn thought about red for this release. It seems like it would go a lot better with the inside of the gatefold. I also wonder if Glenn even had a hand in making this thing.

It also came with this really cool booklet type insert. Has a whole bunch of old photos in it. Seems like every photo though has a semi nude Glenn involved somehow.

Angel of the 7th Dawn

Jun 16, 2010

A Couple of Blog Related Things

I have a couple of blog related things to pass along. If you look to the right I've added an On The Way section which will basically show what I have coming in. I'm going to try and keep this in order of when I paid for the item. Oldest at the bottom. I wish I had room for dates, but I think I'm pretty much maxed out on my wrapper. I won't be doing blog entries on all the items in this list, but if I skip one that you were looking to see let me know. You know what....maybe I should do blog posts on everything that comes in. Actually, no, that's a dumb idea. No one wants to read an entry on the Danzig Lyric book. I should cherry pick, or at least cut off the fat. I'm getting hungry.

And the other thing was you may have noticed the Long Sleeve of Brutality post had a couple of decent pictures in it. This is because I bought a new camera. Working these digital camera type things are not my forte. Chess, drawing buildings, and buying things, this is where I excel. But I'm learning. I actually started using the camera like 4 posts ago....see what I mean? So let's see how it goes. It's tough to find the right combination of settings that take a good picture indoors with no direct sunlight. At least this is what I'm finding out. I'll keep at it.

Back to your semi regularly scheduled blog. Thanks

Jun 12, 2010

Long Sleeve of Brutality

Legacy of Brutality, if you don't know already, was a Misfits cashgrab done by Glenn Danzig. He definitely pissed off a lot of people with this release. Forget the fact that it sounds like garbage. He also stated that since he over dubbed everything himself, he wouldn't have to pay out any royalties....not cool. That being said, the clothing he put out to support this pile was SICK!!! Totally love the Legacy of Brutality artwork. And if you drop that on a long sleeve, you just made a shirt I must have. Check it.

And the back is great as well. Skeleton with the devil's lock. YES!

Now I know the album wasn't well received by fans. And I know this shirt wasn't made till the mid 90s. But come on, 12.50+ shipping!? That's completely ridiculous. What a fucking score this was. I mean, I guess I just got lucky with this purchase. I can't possibly believe these things go for this little. Either way though I'm happy. Wore this today and I think it might go into retirement till the fall.

Jun 11, 2010

American Day Dream

I'm not a huge American Nightmare fan, but I do like them. Some of these insane AN fans pay some crazy money for vinyl. Got a lot of respect for that. I can't pull the trigger though. I'll stick to my digital versions. There's also a piece of non vinyl AN memorabilia that I've always loved, but also could not pull the trigger on, it's the infamous AN zip up. This thing has been selling somewhere between 60 and 100 bucks for past few years and I just waited it out hoping one day these prices would come back down to earth. Well they least this one did.

Got this for 21 bucks plus some shipping. An incredible deal. For a while after I won it I was a little nervous that, once again, every one knew something I didn't. So I replied to teetilldeath on twitter and made sure these shirts went for a ton of money. I got a quick reply of course.

So it's being reprinted. Interesting. So did I get a reprint? How the hell will I know if this is a reprint? The dame design is so simple. I asked them about this as well.

The results?


Jun 10, 2010

Silent Majority - Polar Bear Club

A blog that I'm basically obsessed with right now is Brian Murphy(HYE) and Chris Casali's(The collection space) TeeTillDeath These dudes have really got something impressive over there. A lot of people have good ideas, and some go and explore these ideas for a short period of time. Most don't ever stick with it. Especially when there's no money being made. But these guys post like crazy. And I respect that a lot. That's just one of the reasons I love what these guys are doing. The other reason is shirts are becoming real fun for me to collect and I don't know much about how to spot the fakes. They talk a lot about the technical things behind legitimacy in shirt auctions. And if you know me, you know I love technical nerd out talk. The only issue I have with this site, and I've mentioned it to them on many occasions, is since these guys are so big, if they post a shirt I'm waiting to bid on, I need to reevaluate my retirement plan! Shit like doubles in price when they post about it. God damn. BUUTTT what if I didn't know about a shirt and they posted it? Well that happened a couple weeks ago.

So it's May 27th and I see a tweet come through with the second greatest 3 words a collector can hear Closet Clean Out! Nice haha. Love hearing that. And for the record, I believe the greatest 3 words you can hear are "That Sounds Good" totally love hearing that. How about 25 shipped? That Sounds Good. So back to my story. I click their link and Chris is saying a buddy of his was selling a whole bunch of shirts on ebay. So I went to his page and I was scrolling through when I hit the mother load. The man had 3 Silent Majority shirts that I needed. And he had a seriously old Milhouse shirt that I've only seen once before. All 3 SM shirts were Large, perfect. The Milhouse was XL, but I'd retire it either way, so that was cool too. After reading the descriptions on the SM shirts, there was one he said that had stains under the arms. Now this didn't stop me from bidding, but I didn't bid a tremendous amount. I think only like 46 or 47. I was outbid on that one. But I did win the other 2 and the Milhouse shirt. Let's take a look at them.

Starting with the Milhouse Inverted Cross Tee. Now even if I actually wore t-shirts, and this thing didn't feel like it's been to Deja One and back like 25 times, I'd still retire it. Inverted cross, just don't need the looks these days. But it's a sick piece of Li history that I just had to have.

Next is the 2005 Silent Majority Reunion shirt. Perfect size. Perfect shape. But I wouldn't wear this one either. Rib cage logo...not cool. When I think of rib cage logo shirts, I think about how when people now a days look at pictures of themselves with 80s hair and say, "what the fuck were we thinking back then?" Seriously. Rib cage logos, completely uncool. BUUUTTT I had to have it.

Tell you what though. This devil riding a polar bear would make a good tattoo. May have to talk to someone about that.

Lastly is a shirt that my brother Tom owns in XL, and I own in XL hoodie form. But I didn't own a Large Tee version. It's one of my favorite designs by them.

Shirt is mint too. All in all a great haul. I mean I didn't get the other SM shirt, but it wasn't in great shape. So I'm cool with that. And if anyone is reading this and hasn't checked out TeeTillDeath, let me wax poetic one more time. Brian does HYE which is a collection list site. He has the best lists on the planet at his site. Chris does The Collection Space, which is also a collection lists site. And all they talk about is Ebay on their blog. Basically that's 3 sites that they rep or own, that compete with LP. But I'm behind these guys all the way. This has to mean something right? Go check it out.


Jun 9, 2010

Backlash Discography - Orange 2xLP

Backlash was a NJ Hardcore band from the 90s. They had that great straight up hardcore sound. Didn't even know this was being pressed until I saw Scott sign up a free LP store for his label 1124 Records, then list this as one of his products. Blew my mind. I never would have known about this if he didn't have a store on LP. I'm out of the loop. Not good. This is more of a reason to make LP gifuckingantic. This way I'll never miss out on the good vinyl releases.

So here it is. Backlash - insert obligatory three word discography title that sounds sick here(Through Different Eyes).

This color is out of 50. Scott should have thrown some numbers on this baby somewhere. Would have been a cool touch for such a small run. But he did do a nice gatefold.

It also came with a download ticket. Every vinyl release should come with one of these. What a lot of people don't realize is providing the download ticket doesn't hurt you. It actually helps you. Now a days you can find any vinyl release on the internet. People are crazy about ripping vinyl. So as a label, do you want some shit ass sounding vinyl rip of your record from a 50 dollar turntable and an rca to mini plug jack spreading across the internet oooorrrrr do you want a quality digital version? You want the quality version. Just put it out there. You'll never stop the rippers. And you'll make your customers happy.

All in all I like this release a lot. I think if we look at my favorite 4 90s hardcore discography releases of the past year, Unbroken, Undertow, Mouthpiece, and Backlash. I think Backlash comes in second only to Unbroken's monster 3xLP. Which I believe is the greatest hardcore vinyl discography release ever. Not a bad spot I think.

If you're interested in picking one of these up, check out the 1124 Records store over at LP.

Jun 8, 2010

No Heaven, No Way Nice!

Totally forgot to post that Indecision Unorthodox shirt. This was a really cool purchase for many different reasons. One is very obvious, it's an Indecision Unorthodox shirt. I mean that's enough for me. Check it...

You know I've never seen this logo design before. Seems weird, but I don't. Now the back on the other hand. I remember seeing this on the back of a sweatshirt. So conceivably the front of the sweatshirt could have looked like this shirt, and I didn't see it. Here's the back. Totally sick.

Loving that Exit logo.

Now the third thing that was awesome about this shirt was the size. It was an XL. Now I wear XL in long sleeves, but in Tees I wear a why is this good you say? Well when I bought the thing I figured it would just be an awesome shirt to own and retire. But when I got it and tried it on, the damn thing fit like a large! It's ridiculous. Total surprise. So now if I ever decide to wear short sleeves, which I haven't done in over 10 years, I'll be able to sport this baby. SOLID!

Fourth and final reason why this purchase was great was in the way that I bought it. It was a sunday evening and I decided to grab some food from the local bar/grill and take it down to Dune rd for a little dinner on the beach. Good way to clear the head. I had totally forgotten about this auction. Luckily the good people at ebay make a very cool iPhone app that saved my ass. Winning auctions on the beach is very relaxing.