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Jul 16, 2010

Neurosis - Enemy of the Sun

What a mail day. WOW! What a mail day. I tell you right now, this is most definitely in the top 3 mail days of all time. Easily top 3. And it's probably #2. Actually it IS #2. For sure. So I got 3 test presses today and I plan on posting one each day this weekend. Damn this is so freaking exciting. OK! Let's do this.

Neurosis did something only a few bands have done in their career. They released an album that was so insanely good, so amazingly creative, so mind numbingly brilliant, that it made all their other stuff, before and after it, completely null and void. Thursday did the same thing with Full Collapse. Slayer did it with Reign in Blood. And Neurosis did it with Enemy of the Sun. Really sucks when this happens. It doesn't mean their other stuff is bad. Not at all. It just means that this album is so good, it makes everything else look bad! This album is by far my most favorite sludge metal album of all time. It's so incredible to think that this album was released in 1993. I mean jesus christ I was freaking 15! I was listening to like offspring, green day, and dead kennedys. All california punk bands. Right state, WRONG GENRE IDIOT! How could I have been listening to DK and not check out this album when it came out on Alternative Tentacles? It makes no sense. I missed 7 years of listening to this album. It was only when Neurot reissued it in 2000 did I give it a shot. God damn, what an album. Still listen to it all the time. It really helps me get into thinking mode. I got 2 playlists at work. One is the, "Holy shit I gotta get this done now!" Playlist. I keep Pantera, Slayer, etc on that one. Then I have the, "Holy shit I need to think about this for a bit." Playlist. I keep Danzig, Samhain, etc on that one. This album is always in serious rotation on the thinking playlist.

Enough about the incredibleness of the album. Let's look at the find. And what a find it was. eBay UK, I love you. People really miss out on so many great records when they don't look at the foreign ebay listings. I'm really giving away all my secrets here but whatever. You need to look at the foreign ebay sites. Some sellers just don't realize when they post using ebay UK, the listing doesn't show up in the US by default. I make it a point to search most of the different ebay sites once every couple of days. Learn google language tools and skower ebay germany. Hint for sunday's post haha....back to the UK though. So I'm searching for test presses on ebay UK and up pops a Neurosis - Enemy of the Sound Promo LP. Ok you got me on another one of my secrets. When searching for Test Presses, yes you search for the word "Test" in the record section, but you also need to search for the word "Promo". Some people don't know what a test press is, but they know it's different then the standard release, so they call it a promo. Well my searching skills paid off this time cause this was most definitely a Neurosis - Enemy of the Sun test press. AT always made a bunch of these things and sent them out as promotional items. Take a look...

Check out the makeshift label.

Also another thing labels liked to do was give you a sleeve, but do something to it so you couldn't sell it. Most of the time you see a slot grooved into the side. With this one they sliced off a corner.

Normally I don't get very good deals on records. If I want a record, I win it. I can't remember the last record I got outbid on. I bring this up because on this record I got the deal of a lifetime. I paid about 55 bucks shipped for this thing. 55 BUCKS SHIPPED! That's crazy cheap. The regular pressing of this record goes for that much or more. eBay UK you are soooooo awesome!

OK stay tuned for tomorrows part 2 of my 3 part test press extravaganza. It only gets better!

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