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Jul 25, 2010

Danzig Prints and a Trip to CT

Yesterday Tom, Brian, Napoleon, and I took a little trip to Redscroll Records in New Haven CT. This is a great shop that I've only been to once before. They have tons of vinyl there and they really concentrate on Punk and Hardcore. The reason I took the long drive up there though(3 hours) was not the vinyl. It was because Brian told me that they got a ton of framed prints in recently 6 of which I was told were Danzig related. So I did some research and decided that the price they were asking, and the prints/posters they had available, made the trip worth it. Plus they just opened up a Sonic down the road from there. That's the reason everyone else decided they wanted to come with me btw.

So let's take a look at what I picked up. First one I grabbed was this Danzig II 12" x 12" Cardboard promotional print released in 1990.

Basically this is just the front of the vinyl jacket from Danzig II, but if you look closely, the matting and framing that was done to it makes it look pretty incredible. It's a 16 x 16 frame with 2 ply matting(red and black).

Next is a 12 x 12 cardboard promo from the Danzig - Satan's Child album, aka Danzig 6:66 released in 1999.

While this album is not one of my favorites, I do like the design and the print looks great framed. It also has 3 ply matting, Black, light green, and red.

Looks like the print needs to be adjusted a little. I'll have to fix that.

The third one is a 12 x 12 cardboard print released in 1994 for promotion of the Danzig 4p album. Now what's interesting about this one is it's not the album cover artwork which is the Danzig skull above Danzig spelled out in some old german medieval language. Instead of that they used the Skull Yang logo that's on the inside of the album, which was designed by comic book artist Michael Kaluta. For some reason redscroll believed this was done by Pushead. I don't think Pushead did anything for Danzig. Either way though it's really an awesome logo design.

Another cool part about this print is there's a back design to it as well. It's just a simple black and white Danzig 4p logo like the one of my long sleeve.

This one has 3 ply matting as well.

And lastly is my favorite pick up. This is a promotional poster for Danzig III, aka How the Gods Kill, released back in 92. Now the cardboard promo for this album was 12x12, just like the others, that's why I'm pretty sure it's a poster. I haven't opened it yet, but I'm about 99% sure.

Pretty great size too at 16" x 30". I also love the purple which they've used throughout the promotional process for this album. And of course the Giger dagger is totally sick. If you read my How the Gods Kill tour long sleeve post, you know I'm a huge fan of this design. This poster looks a little wavy in the picture. In reality though it's barely noticeable. The flash on the camera accents the small wave in the poster...hmmm you know what, this proves without opening it, that it's a poster. Well at least that's settled.

So I think I picked up some really cool framed prints for my place in october. I'm starting to feel like my place is going to be a shrine to Danzig though. I may have to even this out with some hardcore/punk memorabilia. Not exactly sure what though.

There's one more part of this trip that I'd like to talk about. Sonic Drive In. Now I've only been to this place twice before. Both times with Tom and Napoleon. This time we brought Brian who had never been there. I was real excited to get one of those toasted bacon cheeseburgers. When I got there though, I was just hoping I'd be able to order my food before they closed! Turns out the grand opening was THAT day. How about this for a line!?

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  1. Oh boy! You're REALLY into the shit! (And I thought that I was the only one!)