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Jun 27, 2010

#20 - Tripface - Some Part Sorrow

Tripface - Some Part Sorrow
Released on Exit Records in 1996

1996 was a cool year for me. 1995 was better, but hey, I'm not one to get all picky. Just give me the 90s. Tripface was a part of that. To understand how Tripface was created, you must first understand Long Island's geography, let me explain. LI is broken up into 3 sections. 1 is Brooklyn/Queens. Everyone in Brooklyn/Queens thinks they're part of the city...which they are. They're two of the Five Boroughs. But technically they're located on Long Island...many outside of NY don't realize this. 2. Nassua County. Almost 1.5 million people live in Nassua County and it's located just east of Brooklyn and Queens. Finally 3, Suffolk County. This is the eastern most part of LI. It also has close to 1.5 million people living in it. This is where the Hamptons, farms, and Vineyards are located. Lot of land on the east end. To put it in perspective, Suffolk has the same population as Nassua, but 5 times the amount of land. There's a different mentality in Suffolk. It sounds strange, but there is. It's more laid back. We're not talking california laid back, but laid back compared to Manhattan. As you go further west, there's more hustle and bustle. And unfortunately, the further west you go, the more elite some people feel. If you don't believe me go take a stroll through Williamsburg when you get a chance. Bands from Suffolk were almost part of their own little scene back then. Most of the time it wasn't on purpose, it's just the way the cliques were formed. But for the dedicated bands, like Tripface for instance, this separation allowed them to create their own style of LI hardcore. They didn't sound like (insert Lindenhurst/Baldwin band here), they sounded like themselves. I think this album is proof. I don't want to start giving descriptions of the every album I post cause I'm not a human freakin thesaurus like some of these insane album review people. Hey, I draw for a living, the album is sick. It's #20.
Some Part Sorrow is available on the Tripface discography still being sold by Motherbox Records in their Merchdirect Store I'd rather not cannibalize that release by posting a download link. You could probably find Some Part Sorrow on a million blogs anyway. I will however give you a link to download my favorite song of the album. Burden I will also give you a link to download their Demo which I posted on the board a few months back.

Something to note. Tripface's Some Part Sorrow edged out Halfman - As Everything Fell Apart for the 20th spot. Meaning Halfman will not be on this list.

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  1. So even though I had the 7", which I loved, i never bought this thing because... well, because it was a CD. But then, a few years later, I had a thought to look for it on ebay. I think we're talking like 2001. I found a copy and won it for like $3. Add shipping and it was like $5. No big deal. So I paid and it never came. I tried to email the dude but no reply. I just let it go & didn't even leave feedback seeing as it was so cheap. But it remains the ONLY item I ever got ripped off for on eBay in (nearly) eleven years. And I've still never heard it!