Nick Mango

May 26, 2010


About 3 weeks ago I was having a top 5 worst day ever at work. I mean it was bad. One of those, "The seajet leaves in 1 hour, I think I can make it." type of days. And whenever I think that sorta shit, I buy stuff. So to cushion the blow of this terrible day I decided to message a dude I know that has a ton of victory test presses. I asked him if he had shutdown against all odds. Immediately I got a message back saying that he did in fact have a couple shutdown test presses, but wasn't sure which ones they were off the top of his head. A COUPLE?! Ok even if he doesn't have against all odds, he could still have both Few and Far Between and Something to Prove. Later that day he got back to me and confirmed exactly what I was thinking. He had both those tests, and most of those colors. Now I needed Something to Prove on White and Red, and I think there's Few and Far Between on white which I didn't have, but neither did he. So here's what I grabbed...

Shutdown - Something to Prove - VR 113 - Red, White, Orange(previously owned) and Test Press

Shutdown - Few and Far Between - VR 132 - Test Press

Cool shutdown sticker on the cover. Here's the colors I have for this release.

Now I'm not going to lie here. Few and Far Between, not that great. I mean it's decent, and I'll totally take it, but it's no against all odds. AAO is one of my favorite hardcore albums of all time. Something to Prove though is a good 7" for sure. I'm definitely happy to have that one.

So where do I go from here? I'm going to try and stick to homerun vinyl blog posts when I do them. I get tests in a lot, but nothing worth talking about. I don't know, we'll see. Shirts are still fun. I just picked up a pretty sick Cannibal Corpse LS from the 91 butchered at birth tour. OH and I got a real nice Indecision Unorthodox shirt with the Exit Records logo on the back. I'll do that one next. see ya


  1. I like the concept of having someone on call to get test pressings from if you are having a bad day. Imagine... "yeah, i woke up after having a horrible nightmare, so called up Joe and bought a couple of Isis tests". Ha!

    I like the first Shutdown LP, but not really bothered about anything else. Think I may have one or two of those Shutdown stickers in a box too, plus some other Victory stickers or postcards from the same era.

  2. Was your Victory source a guy whose name starts with C and has 5 letters in it?

  3. No Chris or Craig. But I'd like to!