Nick Mango

Apr 11, 2010

Madsuckers - Droppin' Many Balls

I while back I did a post involving the absurdly rare Madball - Droppin' Many Suckers on maroon. Limited to 250. I mentioned the black was out of 6250...yeah dumb. But hey what are you going to do. Now since I knew the pressing info on the black version never really excited me. I was happy with the maroon, and that was that. Well like a month ago I saw an auction up on Ebay Germany and some guy had this Droppin Many Suckers on clear brown. Had me totally confused. He had this picture up with the record in front of the light and I tell ya, the damn thing was clear brown. Totally weird. I had never heard of this variation. So I messaged the guy and asked if I could get some more pictures. I said that it didn't make any sense cause I would have heard of it. Communication was tough cause he was german, but he assured me it was clear brown. He said it was tough to tell without the picture taken in front of the light. So I thought, OK this thing is brown, but unless you put it in front of the light, it's hard to tell it's clear. So I told the guy, If you say it's clear brown, then it's clear brown. Well I won the record, and it cost me a ton. When I received it though ahahah jesus christ.

Clear Brown right?

Yeah try clear black!

When I got this thing I nearly broke it into a thousand pieces. I was so pissed. Not because of the money. Which was a lot. But because I thought I had found a variation not known to anyone till now. But I didn't. I just never heard of anyone putting it up to the light and saying it was clear brown. Balls.

If anyone has this thing on black, and can tell me if their's is clear brown when you put it up to the light, let me know.

god damnit...


  1. I don't have this thing... but it's pretty common with a lot of old 7"s. It's basically just thin vinyl. When I was younger I used to wonder whether the 'clear brown' was intentional. But clearly its not. You got suckered.

  2. kashfoashaohaod luckily he refunded me like 20 bucks. NICE!

  3. Yep, definitely just cheap, thin vinyl. The same mistake used to happen a lot with early pressings of the Chokehold - Instilled 7" on Bloodlink. People would get on ebay saying they had a rare pressing on clear brown, but it was always definitely a cheap ass black.