Nick Mango

Mar 6, 2010

Let's KickStarts This

A couple months back I went to the Ink and Lead - Sister Kisser split 12 release show. The opening band Kickstarts was from Valley Stream and peaked my interest when I heard they had members of Kill Your Idols and The Causalities. One thing I really love about these guys is they don't seem to give a shit. Let me explain. When I saw these guys live they killed it. They were loud and fast and super energetic. They did like 4 songs and I was totally into it. Then out of no where some dude shows up with a guitar case, rips the thing open, wings the case like a bottle cap across the stage, and goes and plugs in. WHAT!? This is the other guitarist?! HA no way! Turns out the guy was stuck in traffic and didn't make it in time. They played as a 3 piece and I tell ya, I didn't even realize they were missing anything. They're punk, and who gives a shit, and I'm down with that. The singer is Rick, bass player for The Causalities. A band that I have serious respect for. Those guys have been really incredible, for a really long time.

So after I saw them, I did a little research and found out they had a 4 song 12" on KOI Records. 4 different colors. Pretty limited quantities. So I ordered a bunch.

If you like the punk hardcore mix, I'd check them out. They have a preview of their 4 song 12 on their myspace page

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