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Mar 25, 2009

Clockwise - Dead End - Clear

Ok back to that giant lot I got back in the 90s. This is a band not very well known to most. They stopped playing right before things got out of control on Long Island, but they're one of the best. I call this 7" Dead End because it says it on the A side of the record and on the backside of the sleeve. Truthfully I don't even know if that's it's official name. You know, now that I think about it, I didn't get this particular 7" in that lot. I got a black one, which is actually been released by Motherbox on their merchdirect store. I think I gave the link in the Tripface 7" post. This one I got a few years after I think, possibly in a trade. I don't trade much now, but back in the 90s I was always flipping lots for rare LI stuff. Trading is weird for me now. I have 90% of what I want, and not many people have that final 10%. That 10% is basically test presses of obscure records from NY and LI. This is all I really collect now a days. Plus I don't want a list trolling around the internet of what I own. Bahh that gets me all nervous and shit.
Sooooo if you're into Inside and Silent Majority I think you'll like this band. I think MD has the 7" repress for like 4 bucks plus shipping. Plus while you're there you can get the Inside cardboard cover 7".

Some other cool info about Clockwise. Their singer General George Fullan, LIHC OG, had a record label for a while called General Records. They put out one of the best compilations I've ever heard called Blood Sweat and Tears. Now George owns General Studios in Douglaston NY Bayside recorded most of The Walking Wounded there.

So what should I do next clue really. I'll stick with the big lot though. Maybe go with something from Quicksand.

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